Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fiberista Club Review

I had been itching for a while to try out a yarn club - I ended up getting a 3-month subscription to Fiberista Club. They have a brick and mortar store in Illinois and offer four types of clubs: Yarn Club, Sock Club, Fiber Club, and Garment Club. Since I have only sampled the Yarn Club, I'll keep my comments to that one (but I'm dying to try the others!).

For a monthly fee, you receive: at least two skeins of yarn (retail value between $27-$35 USD per skein), four patterns (two knitting, two crochet), and a "miscellaneous item." As with other clubs, the longer your term, the greater your savings. I signed up for a three-month subscription and took advantage of the 10% discount for new members: my total was $134.95 USD for three months.The nice thing about this particular club is that they curate the selection. Rather than getting fiber from a single dyer or supplier, Fiberista Club selects from an array of brands. It has been really fun to try different lines of yarn. They also customize your selection – and accept exchanges if you aren’t happy with your shipment.

When you sign up for Yarn Club, you are asked to select your preferred yarn weight: lace to DK, worsted to chunky, or all of the above. Then you are asked to identify your color preferences: warm, cool, neutral, or no preference; and then saturated versus vibrant color hues. You can further specify your preferences with an email to the team - such as an aversion to wool or something of the sort. Bonus: you can change your preferences at any time!

They post the "mood boards" for upcoming shipments so you can get an idea of the color palette they'll be selecting. I had my preferences set to Lace to DK/All Colors/All color hues.... this is what I received for my three months.

From left to right, two skeins of Baah La Jolla in My Sweet Valentine (came with some gift tags), two skeins of Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles in Granny (came with a large bag of ice tea), and four skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Wool Socks (came with a tapestry needle). While I wasn't initially in love with my Brooklyn Tweed or Hedgehog Fibres (neither is really in my usual color spectrum) they both push me outside my comfort zone. I think I will enjoy working with them. Plus, the patterns provided with each month's shipment were great options of things to make with these yarns!

I highly recommend Fiberista Club - only if you are OK with surprises! It is truly is a great value for the money if you’re willing to take a gamble!

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  1. Im sure when this review was written, life at Fiberista was better. However in October 2017 they are embroiled in a controversy with knit designers and have not shipped product in over two months. I sadly signed up for a 6 month subscription at $275.65. So far I have received NOTHING and the company refuses to answer emails or the phone.