Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tour de Fleece 2016: Stages 1-9

Boy am I out of practice. The first couple of long spin sessions I had about killed my back and wrist! Now that it's been several consecutive days, though, I think I have found my groove.

I've made it through all 4 ounces of my Three Waters Farm merino/nylon in Light on Leaves, and I'm having second thoughts about my combo spin plan of plying this with my Summer Jubilee. I don't quite trust my eye for color and I'm not sure quite how that would look. I suppose I can spin a little bit and see! Otherwise, I might just Navajo-ply each one separately and plan to make something with stripes with the finished yarns. I suppose I don't have to decide until I finish spinning up the Summer Jubilee singles... on to the next few stages!

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