Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ravellenic Games 2016

I am participating in the Ravellenic Games again this year! They run from August 5 through August 21. I love these - they always really challenges me to push myself a bit. This year, I have a couple of options for participating:

Garment Polo: I'm debating whether I want to dive into my Lace Dress for this - I'm not convinced I could pull this off in three weeks! Whenever I do get around to it, I'm planning on knitting this with Cascade Ultra Pima in Pink Sapphire.


WIP Wrestling or Frogging Trampoline: I have been reluctant to frog my Cabled Tunic for years and years. My ultimatum (to myself, of course!) is that I have to frog or finish it!

and, if push comes to shove and I really need a project, I could enter:

Synchronized Spinning: I still need to spin up that blue fiber from Judy's Novelty Wool at the Nampa Fiber Train Festval last year!

 For a full list of the events this year, visit the Ravellenic Games 2016 page on Ravelry!

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