Wednesday, June 8, 2016

FO: Fountain Pen Shawl

I am in love with this Fountain Pen Shawl!

Knit in Juniper Moon Farm Findley Dappled, in the Wisteria colorway; this took approximately 615 yards on size 5 needles. I worked only 8 repeats of the main chart instead of the 10 in the pattern.

I also managed to kill one of the needles from my KnitPicks Options set that I've had for a zillion years - the needle had worked itself loose from the metal casing, so I had the brilliant idea to superglue it back in. Except I used too much glue and wasn't able to push the needle in fast enough! The glue set with a gap between the needle and the metal casing, so I had to toss it. I ordered a replacement pair in their new(ish) Majestic line. Very nice! The laminate on these seems to be a bit slicker than the older ones I have. And the colors are beautiful!

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