Monday, February 8, 2016

FO French CanCan Shawl

This cute shawl was a pretty quick knit! I made this a retirement gift for a friend - I thought she might prefer something a little more casual, and the French CanCan Shawl pattern felt like just that!

This was knit with Knit One, Crochet Too Batiste in the Caribe colorway, about 2.3 hanks (487 yards) on size 7US needles.

The pattern indicated that you could knit up about 60% of your yarn before starting the border - that made me a bit nervous, so I started the border with at about 45% of yarn used up. I knit 114 rows before starting the border. I wish I had knit about 10 or so more rows before starting the body to use up a bit more yarn and make the shawl a bit wider.

But, it's still cute, and I hope the recipient likes it!

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