Monday, January 25, 2016

Stashbusting Fail

I must be having a off week for crafting: I just have been spinning my wheels in the mud.

One of my 2016 Crafty Goals is to whittle down my stash considerably, which means no more fiber purchases if I can help it. I've been busily trying to assign all my stash yarn to projects but was stumped with what to do with my Noro Silk Garden Lite - A bit much for a shawl, not quite enough for a cardigan. After browsing Ravelry, I found this lovely cardigan:

After much rummaging, I came across two skeins of Caron Simply Soft (one in Black, the other in Charcoal Heather). I though, eureka! I will just alternate those two skeins as the MC, and use the Noro as the CC! I knit swatch after swatch, trying to reconcile the fact that Caron is a rather heavier weight than the Noro. When I came to the conclusion that not only would I have to recalculate gauge for the entire cardigan for a much larger needle size, but that I would also run out of both Caron yarns and have to purchase more anyway, I threw in the towel. I also realized I didn't order enough Knit Picks Capra for an adult-sized cardigan - when I ordered the yarn over a year ago. It just hasn't been a good knitting week!

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