Sunday, January 17, 2016

FO: Pomegranate Pullover

First FO of the new year! I was hoping I would finish my Pomegranate Pullover in December, but better late than never.

I followed the Pomegranate pattern pretty closely. The exceptions were that I omitted the lace panel on the back and I had to heavily change up the row counts - my row gauge was off, even though my stitch gauge matched the recommended gauge. I also did not do the folded collar ribbing - I was afraid I would run out of yarn!

I used Elle Elite DK in the Plum colorway on size 4US needles, and this took about 1060 yards. I have had that yarn for at least five or six years and knitted it into at least two other items - hopefully this sticks!

I like the finished item, but I'm not in love with it. I wish I had made the body longer. It looks OK over high-waist pants or dresses, but a bit odd with jeans or trousers with a lower cut.

I have come to terms with the fact that my measurements just don't fit the standard sizing schematics. My shoulders are narrow and my arms are skinny, but my trunk is a bit wide and long - so I can't just knit the size L because they're always too large in the shoulder/arm area. I need to retake all of my measurements and just keep that in mind when I'm starting a top. It will totally be worth the extra work to get items that fit perfectly!

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