Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Review: Metropolitan Knits

I was perusing the aisles at Hastings - and, being a fan of Melissa's patterns anyway, I thought I would thumb through Metropolitan Knits by Melissa Wehrle. Usually I agonize on whether to purchase a pattern book - not on this one! Didn't think twice, and I haven't been disappointed yet.

The photography is lovely and all of the garments and accessories have such a timeless style. While the garments are modeled on gals of similar size and stature - the variety of garment types and constructions ensures there's something for everyone. I also appreciate that the photography is focused on the actual knitted item rather than on how artsy the photograph can be.

There are 20 projects in this book - including several cardigans (towards which I have a bias!). Garments are sized from a 36" up to a 50-52" finished bust circumference. The patterns call for yarns in the entire price range - which is a nice nod to the fact that you can knit lovely items in any size budget! I have yet to finish a project out of this book, but the instructions appear to be clear and the schematics are exhaustive.

A couple of things to note: I wouldn't say this is a book for beginners. It has the simplified knitting instructions and diagrams that accompany most Interweave Press publications at the back of the book - but this isn't a learn-to-knit book. The majority of the cardigans/sweaters have set-in sleeves, which can be daunting for some, and some of the patterns assume that you can increase and decrease in lace patterns without explicit line-by-line instructions. In addition - this probably goes without saying, but the garments in here do not lend themselves to success without precise gauge consistency. I would say this is geared towards intermediate to advanced knitters.

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