Tuesday, November 10, 2015

All the Spinning! Again!

Back in June, I thought I was spinning a lot. Now that I have a wheel, I am amazed at the volume I can spin! Here's what came off the wheel in the last month:

Just for practice, I plied three bobbins of singles of a mystery fiber the wheel's previous owner had spun. Can't quite remember how many ounces this is, but it's almost 300 yards of a bulky weight (top right). The middle is some Ashford Stripy Sliver in the Summer Days colorway, spun into 340 yards of a 2-ply sport weight. I'm not sure I love how the colorway spun up, but I wanted to use up the fiber and get in some practice. I'm still having some issues plying with consistent twist - and still having a tough time gauging how much twist it needs. Practice makes perfect!

On the left, I have a freshly spun bobbin of a Fantasy Fibers mystery batt - unknown composition. This fiber was from my inherited stash - and to be honest, the colorway looked awful in the bag. Reminded me of smog, or dirty laundry water. But it is spinning up to be gorgeous! It is an overall grayish purple, with bits of wine and light lavender running through it. I have about 3 ounces left to spin, and then I'm going to try my hand at chain-plying!

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