Saturday, October 10, 2015

It only took me six years, but...

I finally got a spinning wheel! As fortune would have it, it's the same make and model that I tested out in 2010 that I just loved. It is a first-generation Majacraft Rose.

I got crazy nuts deal on this wheel from a woman selling it on craigslist - not only did I get the wheel, but I also got a huge stash of fiber and quite a few fiber accessories to boot!

The stash is just amazing. There are so many different fiber types to try! There were a couple of bags of fiber that I couldn't identify since they weren't labeled, but everything else was identified. I am hoping to get everything photographed and inventoried in my Ravelry stash in the next couple of days (because I am anal retentive like that!).


 I also got several bobbins, a lazy kate and a tensioned lazy kate, a Fricke heavy-duty skein winder (with yardage counter!), two pairs of carders and a set of English combs.

I really couldn't have dreamed up a better deal than this! It was totally worth the wait!

My first wobbly skein was a bit sloppy - especially compared to the last couple of skeins I finished on my spindles - but practice makes perfect!

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