Monday, September 7, 2015

FO: Infinity Blossom Cowl

This was a fun project - and it was nice to do a bit of crochet! Seems like I haven't picked up a hook in a long while.
I really enjoyed this yarn: it's Boutique Unforgettable by Red Heart. I was surprised, because I really don't expect much from Red Heart. They definitely delivered on this one! The colorway is gorgeous and the yarn is so incredibly soft. It also washed rather well - despite being a singles yarn, it holds up very well.

I followed the Infinity Blossom Cowl pattern exactly, with the exception that this was a rather heavier gauge yarn than called for. That worked out fine.

I really can't get over how fun this colorway is!

The scarf is a little difficult to get situated in a way that shows off the motifs in their entirety. Don't mind that I can't seem to shut up when I'm getting my picture taken, but this shows how the scarf has a tendency to fold over on itself. That might be as a result of my thicker yarn at a looser gauge - but it's not a critical issue. It's a gorgeous scarf and I'm sure I will wear it a fair bit this winter!

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