Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cecilia, an FO Once More

Seems like most of 2015 has gone towards finishing up languishing projects. Cecilia definitely falls into that category. I finished it for the first time in October 2014. It didn't fit, I knew it didn't fit, yet I waited three months to unravel it and try some fixes.

I added 20 additional rows of stockinette before starting the sleeve lace details, and it is still too short! It also doesn't help that I'm rather pudgy. Overall it's just not a flattering fit. 

I am absolutely not reknitting this. However, if I could travel back in time to my one-year-ago self, I would advise adding a few inconspicuous increases in the stockinette section after the lace yoke to increase the circumference of the garment a bit. Add perhaps 30 extra rows of stockinette before the sleeve detail. Give a big gal some room, you know. I would also add a few inches of stockinette after the sleeves, but before the ribbing - and increase the length of the ribbing a bit.

As you can see, it hugs my body in all the wrong places. It's a lovely looking garment, but I don't anticipate wearing this much if at all. It might go to Goodwill for someone shorter and more petite than myself to enjoy!

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