Sunday, July 5, 2015

FO: Regrowth Shawl

I am so pleased with my Regrowth shawl! I ended up redyeing it because the first round didn't penetrate underneath the spots where the hanks were tied off- before it went into the dyepot it looked a little funky.

Doesn't it look as though it was flecked with spots of lavender? Someone mentioned that it looked intentional, but I knew it was a mistake so I had to fix it. This also goes to show what wonders blocking can do!

Mine is knitted following the Regrowth Pattern (using 6 repeats of the Star Chart, 3 repeats of the Blossom Chart, and 1 repeat of the Leaves Chart) with about 1090  yards of a Light Fingering weight yarn (scavenged) on size 5US needles. It was dyed using Jacquard iDye in Purple.

It is a lovely pattern, but a bit hard to fine-tune the sizing. The charts have long repeats so I was very hesitant to add an extra Leaves Chart. Good thing I didn't; I would have run out of yarn! As is, this is a fair size. It's 28" along the spine and 45" across the widest spot.

I thought the flow of each pattern was so well done. The designer incorporated motifs from different shawl designs and I think she did a swell job!

My only gripe is that had trouble with the 4 YOs in the Owl Chart. The designer did mention the option of using only 3, but I knit rather tight anyway and thought it might be fine. I could tell it was too loose when I was a few rows after the YOs - but really didn't want to rip back. I used only 3 YOs  in the Edge Chart, and you can really tell the difference! They blocked out much smoother.

 This next photo isn't true to the color, but it really highlights the drama of this design!

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