Monday, July 27, 2015

Deciding When to Quit

In a fit of frustration with my never-ending stash of blue fluff, I decided to ply some singles I found in my closet after cleaning it out. I think I started spinning these singles sometime in 2010 when I first learned to spin-- can't quite remember what type of wool it is, but it was student-grade and a partially felted mess because I decided to kool-aid dye it. At any rate, I have a somewhat untidy hank of about 380 yards of a fingering weight yarn!

The only problem I have now is that I still have about an ounce of the darker colored single left. I have a ton of the unspun fiber still in my stash, so I thought I would spin up an ounce of the lighter single to round it out...

But the truth is, I'm lazy, and I started spinning it on a homemade spindle that is really too light to be practical. Should I scrap this endeavor and get on to other projects?

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