Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Spinning Sort-of-Fail, Sort-of-Win

Well, I spun on my spindle for at least 10 minutes daily-- so my little June challenge wasn't a complete fail! I will admit, I am disappointed that I didn't end the month with a finished skein of yarn. I did, however, end it with a bunch of lessons learned!
1. 8 ounces is quite a bit of fiber, especially if I am spinning rather fine yarn. I have no idea of the yardage this will produce as a two-ply, but boy is it taking me a good number of hours to get through that second half!

2. There has to be a faster and more ergonomic way to wind on than what I'm doing. I'm still getting the basic mechanics down, but I fully intend on learning how to walk the yarn up into a butterfly and then wind off onto the spindle shaft a la Abby Franquemont.

3. I need to spin and keep a referent. You might note that the fiber on the spindle right now is finer and more consistent that the yarn on the bobbin to the right--I really had no plan in mind, I just wanted to spin all that blue fluff up! But, as I am spinning up the last of it, I find myself thinking ahead to what I will knit with this. I hope it isn't too terribly thick-and-thin as I don't normally like  those types of yarn anyway. For my next spinning project I will definitely spin up a referent--including the size of each ply and a finished sample of what I'm aiming for.

4. Keep a lint roller handy. I took this to work as my lunch hour project a few times this month, and honestly didn't notice how much it was shedding on me until I happened to be wearing a black shirt one day.

I'm thinking about starting into one of my new fibers for the Tour de Fleece that kicks off on Saturday, but I really want to finish this before I lose my momentum! Oh, decisions, decisions.

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