Wednesday, June 3, 2015

All the Spinning!

My crafty goal for June is to do some spinning for ten minutes every day. I am hoping that I'll gain some proficiency with a drop spindle since a spinning wheel isn't on my immediate horizon, and I really have a fair bit of fiber to spin up!

I'm starting with this Loeut Merino/Silk 80/20 in the Oriental Jade colorway that I purchased in Taos sometime in 2010. I didn't quite realize how much 8 ounces of fiber really was until I started spinning it. I just seemed to get nowhere fast! I set spindle spinning on the back burner since I anticipated buying a wheel - fast forward five years, and I still don't have that wheel!

The bit that I had already spun up was a tad uneven anyway, so I thought it might be good to start in on this as "practice" to hone my skills before I dive right into my newer fiber. I'm hoping this month I can at least get to the halfway mark: after weighing the leftovers, I still have about 6 ounces left!

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