Monday, May 25, 2015

Fiber Train Festival

We drove out to the Fiber Train Festival yesterday to check it out - we've lived in the area three years but I kept forgetting about it until after it was over! This year I put it on my calendar a soon as I got a new one in January so I wouldn't miss out.

It didn't have an awful lot of vendors, but there was still enough going on to spend a few hours roaming around and gawking at the adorable fiber animals and the squishy yarn and fibers!

I can't help but "ooo" and "aah" over alpacas every time I encounter one. They have just the sweetest faces!

Of course, there were also sheep - I can't quite remember what breed these were, but they were also so sweet!

And Peter, who is a celebrity at Fiber Train each year! They raffle off his rainbow-colored fleece. I didn't buy a ticket this year (wouldn't know how to prepare a fleece anyway!) but he sure was cute and patient!

And I was quite proud of myself for not overspending. I came home with two new batches of roving to spin!
On the left, 4 oz of a superwash merino/stellina blend by Greenwood Fiberworks in a pink and burgundy colorway, and on the right, 4 oz of merino by Judy's Novelty Wool in a beautiful blue, turquoise and purple colorway called Jason. I better spin up the other fiber I've got going so I can start in on one of these!

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