Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sunscape Throw FO

Four years, one month, and thirteen days later...
I finally finished my Sunscape Throw! I started this as a strategic means of burning through my hoard of Caricia Alpandina yarn that my mom sent up to me from Peru... in 2009. I started out with 29 skeins and this used about 7 and a half (approximately 500 yards each). This is on our queen sized bed for scale.
For me this became an exercise in perseverance. I  worked on the squares in little bouts of productivity, but it was never more than four or five at a time over a time span of several months. It wasn't until sometime last year that I decided I really wanted to just get this finished and out of my UFO stash!
Sewing these together was insanely tedious. 130 squares was no small feat - it took me about two weeks to get them all sewn up!
At any rate, it's finished. It makes me think of crayons every time I look at it - this is sure to cheer me up every time I pull it out!

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