Sunday, March 22, 2015

Master Hand Knitter Level 1, Why Do You Taunt Me So

I received my instructions for the Level 1 Master Hand Knitter certification from TKGA in 2011 - and still haven't sent in my submission! I have worked on this in starts and stops, essentially like all of my other projects, over the last few years. I finished all my swatches last August and started to pull together my binder - but I haven't knit the mitten, or written my article. The binder caught my eye on the shelf today so I pulled it down to remind myself of how close I am to being ready to submit.

We're in the process of buying a house and I'm trying to get my Master's thesis off the ground, so there's just a lot going on this Spring. Hopefully I get the gumption to just finish this darn thing and get it sent off, even amidst all this chaos!

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