Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sweater Surgery

I am so glad to get this project off my plate. M's giftmas sweater did not fit quite right, so I had to make several adjustments. It was too long, for starters, so I had to shorten it. It was knit bottom-up with a nice turned hem, and I didn't want to lose it, so figured out a way to keep it! First, I ran two long circular needles through the rows I would be grafting together- there are two inches between those rows (the sweater was two inches short).

Then, I carefully snipped one stitch about halfway between the two sections. I used a crochet hook to remove a row, separating the two pieces of fabric. Once that way done I just unravelled each piece to the row on the needle. 

And finally, I grafted the two sections back together (for a good article on grafting, or kitchener stitch, check out this knitty article)! It took a rather long time (several episodes of Venture Bros. on Netflix) but it was well worth it to maintain the hem. I also shortened the sleeves and added a curve to the neckline. Here's hoping it doesn't require any more surgery!

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