Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hand-Me Downs

You really can't beat free stuff, especially when it's given unexpectedly. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how giving and kind people can be!

A coworker of mine was kind enough to think of me when she was getting rid of some old stuff, and gave me a couple dozen of old crochet and general craft books. They date back to the 1970s. I can't express how much I love looking through old pattern books - especially from the 60s and 70s, when there seemed to be a lull in popularity of hand knitting and crocheting.
As expected, some of the patterns are a gaudy riot (case in point, see the upper right-hand gal in the fur hat) but there are a ton of patterns that are actually still charming! I especially love the Workbasket pamphlets; these have crochet and knitting patterns in addition to recipes and household tips 'n tricks. It's interesting to see what has changed over the years, versus what hasn't. Clearly advertisements for diet pills have been around a while.

The same coworker also gave me Knit Step by Step and The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters. A different coworker gave me a copy of Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers - I don't do much spinning or dyeing, but I'd love to get into it! Maybe once I'm out of school.
I just work with a bunch of awesome people, apparently! I'm hoping to make a little something for each of these ladies as a token of appreciation. It's the least I can do for this little treasure trove!

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