Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Curse of the Shamrock

I bought two balls of Knit Picks Shamrock over six years ago, before I developed prudent yarn shopping habits like anticipating what kind of project I wanted to make before buying the yarn. I'm on a yarn diet this year and tried to kick it off by knocking out a few quick projects to start my destash. I happened across this yarn again, remembering what an annoyance it has been.

Its first iteration was a Trinity Stitch Hat in 2009. I hated it and finally unraveled the hopeless thing a couple years later. I had several false starts on projects with it since then, but when I was digging around in my stash last month and found it I was hell-bent on finishing something. I started a Slouchy Crochet Hat and ran out of yarn before I even hit the brim. I started an Insou Hat, certain I would have enough yarn for a knit pattern, but restarted several times before I threw in the towel. I would say I'm an experienced knitter - even so, I just could not get that lace chart to line up for me. Frustrated, I ripped back to the brim and just knit in plain stockinette for a plain, oversized hat.

And then added a pom pom for good measure. It's got bit too much flop for my personal taste, but it is warm and I will certainly wear it on cold days up in my loft. Finally broke that Shamrock curse!

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