Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cushion Covers and Starburst Trivets FOs

I've been trying to wrap up some smaller lingering projects from 2014 so I can get into full swing on my big projects for this year. I was very happy to finish my couch cushion covers! One pair is knitted (an improvised moss stitch in Lion Brand Hometown USA) and the other pair is sewn from some cotton I snagged on clearance.

I've also started putting together a few things for a housewarming gift box to my cousin who recently relocated to Hawaii! My first little project was a pair of these Starburst Hot Pads (that very much make me think of tropical flowers).

 I finally finished my prototype design and knit up a few swatches for upcoming projects, all of which are currently blocking out under my bed. So exciting to get into some new projects!

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