Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yarn Stashing vs. Yarn Hoarding

I'm not sure which side of that fuzzy line I am on. I decided to sort through my 'stash' this weekend; after a few hours of sorting, taking some notes, and picking out cat hair, I managed to wrangle this
 into this:
After trying to get my neat little yarn bundles back into the hidey holes from whence they came, I realized that this approach isn't necessarily saving any space. At the very least, though, I know where to go looking for my yarn and it keeps the dust and moths out!

I also came across a few balls of yarn I had salvaged from doomed projects that I'd like to reuse in the near future, so I finally bit the bullet and washed them to relax the yarn. These hanks are currently drying over my shower rod, with weights tied to the ends to pull them taut. I was really amazed at how much memory the KnitPicks Gloss Lace yarn had versus the Elle Elite. Both were still pretty kinked up and needed the help before they get wound back up for use.

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