Thursday, December 18, 2014

It Figures

So, I had mentioned a few times that I suspected I didn't have enough of the KnitPicks Imagination Handpainted in Unicorn leftover from my Unicorn Fruit shawl to knit a pair of colorwork mittens... turns out I was right!

I'm about a third of the mitten and a thumb short of having enough. Thankfully I was able to find a saint on Ravelry who still had some and was willing to sell me a hank (it has been discontinued for a while now). Now that I've got my giftmas knitting out of the way, I can focus on finishing these puppies!

On side note--seeing them next to each other, I can clearly see a difference in my handiwork on the second mitten. It looks so much nicer! Hopefully the wonky gauge inconsistencies in the first mitten will even out during blocking, otherwise I might re-knit that one.

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