Sunday, November 30, 2014

Technique Review: The JSSBO

I went in search of an appropriate bind-off for my Cecilia blouse and found Jeny's Super Stretchy Bind Off in the knitty archives. I thought I would give it a shot because I needed something that wasn't bulky but would give quite a lot. Essentially, this method provides twice the length of yarn per BO stitch than a regular BO provides, with a bit of added elasticity. For the most part, it looks very tidy. In the below photos you'll see that nice neat edge, with a couple of icky stitches pointed out with arrows. These just didn't go away with blocking.

If you don't maintain very, very even tension on the YOs all the way around, a smidgen of excess length in the stitch becomes visibly apparent. There are a few spots on the hem of my blouse where this occurred, but it didn't bother me enough to unravel and try it again. I would definitely use the JSSBO again, just being rather mindful of those YOs!

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