Sunday, October 26, 2014

Protecting Finger Tips from Needle Tips!

Over my years of knitting I have developed a few bad knitting habits. Among them is using my left index finger to press down on the left needle tip while the rest of my fingers slide the stitches closer to the working edge. I knit fairly tight, so I do need to periodically help stitches move along on the needles. While it's not a problem during short knitting sessions (lunch break, half hour before class, etc.) anything around or over an hour starts to bother my finger tip. Especially when I'm knitting a few times a day, or using small needle sizes with rather pointy tips.

My half baked solution to this for the last year or so has been a flexible thimble. The problem with this guy is that it isn't secured to my finger, and if I'm not paying very close attention to what I'm doing, it falls off.

Last weekend I had a knitting marathon and even through the next day my finger tip was sore. Enter these guys that I was able to find at my local office supply store. I've used them for a few days now, just for short knitting episodes, to try them out.

PROS: These fit snugly and comfortably. I don't even notice after I've had one on for a while. I don't have to be mindful of adjusting it or possibly dropping it while knitting. So far, it has really helped in eliminating a bruised finger pad! The box also contains ten of these guys- I had read online that people complained about longevity... but where I am using these for a very different application, I imagine these will last me a good long while. I will update here when this first one wears through to get an idea of how long a box will go!

CONS: They have a somewhat tacky surface, so I find I need to rinse them off when I'm done knitting because it accumulates lint. The tip is vented, so very small needles will still press directly on skin, but if I pay attention to the angle at which I am pressing on the needle tip, the ridged edges of the fingertip protector guard against it.

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