Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Notions Bag by Any Other Name

After ten years of using the same little notions bag, I finally acquired enough odds and ends that it was time to move into something bigger. I was stuffing all of my essentials into this tiny strange cat-and-morning-glory makeup bag I got at Walmart circa 2003.

These are my "essentials" when it comes to yarn crafting!
  • Two tape measures - one retractable, the other extra long
  • A flexible thimble - for when the pad of my index finger gets sore from pushing on the needle tip (a terrible habit, I know!)
  • Needle tip protectors in a couple different sizes - less for protecting my needle tips and more for keeping my knitting from sliding off the needle in the project bag
  • My trusty Bryspun scissors
  • Two different varieties of stitch holders
  • A box of Boye locking stitch markers
  • A cable needle
  • A crochet hook for accidental dropped stitches
  • Tapestry and sewing needles of various sizes
  • A row counter for those patterns that have really long row repeats!
  • And my Lion Brand stress relief gloves, for marathon knitting (or crocheting) sessions
I've been keeping an eye out for a suitable replacement bag to house all my junk, and finally found the perfect one.

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