Saturday, July 5, 2014

Found Treasure and FO

Free stuff is pretty great. When it's awesome free stuff, it's even better! I recently procured this gem from a junk pile:
I always get excited when I find old knitting books. This one was first published in 1971 and is full of useful, interesting tidbits, even for a fairly seasoned knitter like myself. I would like to get my hands on a copy of her 1962 book 101 Ways to Improve Your Knitting!

I also finished my Unicorn Fruit Shawl (which is the Anonymous Vampire pattern)!
Knit on size 5US needles (breaking in my Options set!) with KnitPicks Imagination Handpainted Yarn (Fingering weight; that line has has been discontinued), approximately 320 yards. I knit the larger size and am glad I did, because any smaller and it would have been more aptly classified as a kerchief. That being said, I love it! I was a little worried it might not block properly with the nylon content, but it opened up like a dream. I blocked it quite aggressively though, so I imagine that helped. I hope I have enough left over for some of these mittens!

When I was a little kid, my bed had a canopy of fabric with unicorns all over it in this same color palette; lavender, soft yellow, aqua, magenta, soft pink. I remember my childhood in two distinct eras: this pastel dream-like early years followed by the Lisa Frank, saturated bright neons phase that lasted well into my teen years. I always remember that unicorn canopy fondly. This colorway is called 'unicorn', so I had to have it. I recently happened across this label before I decided what to knit with it, and magic happened.

Inspiration strikes in the weirdest places.

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