Sunday, June 15, 2014

WIP Roundup and the Fails Continue

Now that school is out for the next couple months, it's nice to take a minute to prioritize what I'd like to finish! I pulled out my active yarny WIPs to take stock: my Tulip Lace Cardigan in white, my Anonymous Vampire, my Patricia Pepe Crochet Skirt, a simple triple-moss stitch pillow cover, and my Chutes & Ladders prototype.
As I was distributing everything back to their respective project bags, the skirt just seemed odd to me. I measured it-- it's about 8" too small around. Not really sure how that happened other than crack math and or not paying attention. Almost as bad as finding a third sleeve on a sweater. Guess what happens next?

I hate frogging, but I hate finishing a garment just to find it doesn't fit even more. I've been looking forward to making this skirt for a long time, so I'll restart it shortly. This just reinforces the lesson that I have learned so slowly: taking notes is important! I am not a monogamous crafter, so bouncing from project to project it's easy to forget if I made modifications to a pattern.

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