Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blackstone Bramblewood Vest FO

It turned out quite lovely, but unfortunately, it doesn't fit.

 And yes, I am lame, and used the same photo I used for its Ravelry project page. It matches the exact dimensions I calculated when I reworked the pattern, but unfortunately I gained a bit of weight while this was being knitted. Maybe by the fall I will have lost my winter weight and be able to wear this... and I do hope that is the case, because I really like the finished product!

I reworked the stitch counts to actually correspond to the right size (as the stitch counts/sizes listed on the pattern don't match) and worked more hip/bust shaping than indicated in the pattern. I did not use raglan shaping for the shoulders, rather I grafted them together straight across after working a U-shaped neckline (instead of the square neckline in the pattern). I had wanted to use up some stash and still have 1.2 balls of the Berroco Blackstone Tweed; I'll have to make a hat or something!

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