Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gail Shawl

I blocked this out a week ago, but today was my first chance to take advantage of some rare sunlight for pictures!

It turned out a bit larger than I was expecting, but since it was meant as a stashbusting project I am OK with that. Only had 5 grams left of the Schoppel-Wolle Lace Ball that has been lurking in my stash for the last four years.
As an afterthought, I'm not in love with the combined effect of the pattern and the colorway striping... the yarn colors are really saturated, and the overall look is rather busy. The pattern is gorgeous and I think would be better highlighted in a solid or subtly variegated yarn. Overall I am pleased with it and am sure it will keep my shoulders warm at work. 

I did, however, notice a consistent problem with my double YOs down the center:
 You can see the one on the left, and how absurd it looks.... compared to the one on the right. Unfortunately for me, the section on the right is the only one on the shawl that looks decent.... every other pattern repeat looks like the one on the left. Some Ravelers had commented on some issues with the double YO... I have no idea what I did differently in that light blue section, and didn't notice until it was blocked out that there was something I was systematically doing weird (as you can see next to the arrows, I worked the second double YO exactly the same). I worked it on the WS as a P1, P1 through the back loop, and am thinking that I must have twisted the YO strand in a weird way on the second P1 causing the whole YO to look unbalanced.

Live and learn, I suppose!

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