Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taking Stock, Second Edition

Every now and again it's good for me to take a step back and take account of my projects. Especially after a few months in limbo. Typically, I have at least four or five projects on the needles at any given time... while I keep myself busy, that M.O. makes it easy to lose track of where I am at with certain things and sometimes forget WIPs altogether.

My most recent, 'active' works in progress include my Gail Shawl and Audrey Cardigan, but also sitting in the wings are my Blackstone Bramblewood vest and Sunscape throw. After digging through my craft closet, I've also rediscovered my long-forgotten Argyle Socks and Cabled Tunic. I also started a skirt and have knit one of two pillow covers.

Besides my yarn-related crafts, I have two unfinished paintings, a barely started scratchboard, a  half-finished sundress, and two pillowcases waiting to be sewn up. Not to mention all the projects that are still just chicken scratch in my notebook!

So here's my game plan:
  • My Audrey cardigan and Gail shawl are the closest to being completed, so I hope to finish both in the next couple of weeks.
  • Set a goal of 5 Sunscape blocks per week... these I can squeeze in on breaks or lunch during work hours and seems pretty reasonable. At that rate, I should finish all the blocks by summer and be ready to piece it together so I can use it next winter!
  • Finish the second knit pillow cover for the couch. One bright purple pillow seems a little lopsided. Sew the smaller pillow covers to match.
  • Finish my Bramblewood Vest before March. Decide what to do with the Cabled Tunic: It's nearly done, but I am not loving the plan for the sleeves and not even sure it will fit... but this will also be nice for spring when its still cool here.
  • The sundress needs to be finished by June. I'm wearing it to our summer party if it kills me, if it's ugly, if it doesn't fit. I don't care. I'm wearing it.
  • Saturdays are painting days. It's hard for me to find time during the week to sit down and dedicate to painting, because I prefer having several uninterrupted hours to paint.
We'll see how things go!

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