Sunday, September 29, 2013

Road trip crafting

We took a trip to central Washington last weekend. I got a surprising amount of crafting done on the road!

I finished another 9 blocks for my Sunscape Throw, knit about five pattern repeats on my Gail Shawl, and finished the right front on my Audrey in Unst.

We also got to see this condemned bridge... we've made this trip several times before and apparently drive right by it, but there's no way to know is there from the angle of the road. If you can spot the mountain bikers in the upper right hand-corner, you get an idea of the scale of this canyon!


  1. I was hoping to pick your brain about the stained glass afghan if that would be ok. I am attempting it. I taught myself to crochet through practice and youtube so I am having a bit of trouble with rnd 7. It would be amazing if you could give me some pointers. Yours came out amazing

    1. Hi Brittany! Sorry about the delayed reply, I've had a bout of 'radio silence' for the last couple months, if you're still needing help with this! I still have the pattern book, but unfortunately not my afghan, though I could try to help. I followed the pattern to a T up to the corner motifs, and round 7 is a little difficult to understand. If I remember correctly, in previous rounds of the black, you skipped some of the colored stitches. On Round 7, you will not skip any of the colored dc sts... I found that looking closely at the photos of that round in the book and on ravelry helped me get it figured out. Hope that helps!!