Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Coral Cardigan

Finally finished my New York Cardigan!

I knit this from the bottom up in one contiguous piece. I did ultimately end up seaming the back portions of the shawl collar to the body, but it was minimal and totally worth it! I love the finished product. I also really enjoyed working with this Caricia Alpandina that my mom picked up for me in Peru. I still have about 20 skeins left, I'm glad that it makes for nice garments!

My row gauge was quite different from the gauge indicated on the pattern, but it worked out because I had intended on lengthening the cardigan a little bit anyway. I ended up not having to add any additional repeats of the lace pattern at the bottom. I prefer duster-length cardigans when they are intended to be worn open. Makes me feel like I'm wearing a cape and should be doing things like this.

Now, maybe I can finally finish up my Honeybee Cardigan and move on to some new projects! It feels weird to not have several projects on the needles at the same time.

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