Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just in case I didn't have enough yarn already

I bought more.
I really couldn't help myself. It's Mirasol Wach'i, a cotton/silk blend, that was on closeout at the Twisted Ewe in exactly the color I've been looking for. I bought a sweater at The Buckle about 8 or 9 years ago that was one of my favorite wardrobe items for years, and it was about the time I first learned to knit. I remember thinking how awesome it would be if I could knit something like that, so I took a few sketches and notes and filed it away and forgot about it forever. A few months ago I rediscovered the sketches and started fleshing out a pattern, and started knitting up a prototype of my stitch pattern last weekend. 

In the meantime I'm trying to hurry up and finish at least one of my WIPs to justify starting a new big project. I've joined the sleeves to the body and am working the sleeve cap shaping on my HoneyBee Cardigan. The long sleeves will work out nicely, I am glad I decided to make this with longer sleeves.

And I'm also puttering away on my Miette Cardigan. This is my lunchtime project, it basically lives in my desk during the week. I am surprised at how quickly this is working up (despite a couple of false starts) just dedicating my lunch hours to it.

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