Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Moment Triumphant

Finally finished this beast.
I am so, so proud of this. It's not a particularly complicated pattern but for some reason this project has been so daunting... I've started and restarted so many times I lost count, and a few times I thought about throwing in the towel and finding another pattern for my aunt. But she picked the pattern out herself, so I stuck it out and lo and behold I finished it. Now that it's said and done, I couldn't tell you why this one was so challenging, except that I had some kind of mental block or some bad juju or something. Who knows. At least it's done!

And I've finally started my fifth and final shawl for this year, an Aeolian Shawlette for my grandmother:
I decided to forego the beads as it will already be busy enough with the jewel toned color palette, so hopefully this will go fairly quickly and I can move on to some winter items for me!

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