Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Rock Island Shawl

Look at me, being a good blogger, and actually updating with some regularity. Basically a miracle. :)

I finally got my Rock Island Shawl underway. I had started it sometime in June with some weaving cotton that I picked up at a thrift store for 79¢, and I just couldn't get the edging pattern to work for me. I started and restarted so many times that I actually wore out the thread (it didn't help that it is at least ten years old). I got so frustrated I put it away for a few months and after I finished my Peacock shawl in the SWTC Xie yarn, I bought another cone in black to start this guy!
After all the frustrating ripping I've done on this project, I realized that some of my YOs had been twisting somewhat and I'd been occasionally knitting into the row below instead of the YO. I know we've aaaaaall done it, but I did feel quite silly for not being able to see my problem sooner! I just have a really hard time working with black. M had the genius idea of moving my OttLite downstairs to my end table so it's about eight inches away from my work, and it has helped tremendously. I'm so happy that I'm finally making some progress with this pattern!

I also want to throw this out there; I love my OttLite. M had to convince me to buy one, and until I had it, I never realized how poor the lighting was in my home and craft area. I am able to see fine details in much sharper contrast, and when painting, I am really seeing the true colors instead of having to battle with the color cast of the ambient light. I think they're very reasonably priced for craft/task lamps (especially when they are on sale! Joann periodically has them for up to 50% off!) and OttLite has a huge variety available to suit different needs. The one I have is a desk lamp with adjustable neck length and angle, and I plan to get a floor lamp for my couch crafting. Check them out! Your eyes will thank you!

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