Friday, August 17, 2012

Technique Review: Lace Cast On

Since I'm on my third of five shawls in less than three months, I can confidently say that my favorite method for casting on for a lace shawl (knit from the outer edge inwards) is a variation of the knitted cast on referred to in this article Eunny Jang wrote some years ago as a lace cast on. This video demonstrates the basic technique: the only change for Eunny's method is to not twist the new stitch when placing it on the left-hand needle. I've tried about seven different methods to get a really stretchy, but structured, edge. I cast on with needles about 3 sizes larger than those the rest of the pattern will be worked with, and it seems to work like a charm. I highly recommend it! The backwards loop method isn't nearly as structured and honestly the entire cast-on row gets twisted around (especially on the cable of a circular needle) and it's a headache to keep them straight.

I brought my Holden Shawl home and tucked it away with the Abrazo Shawl... on to my Peacock Shawl!

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