Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Lazy Days of Summer

For me, they have been not-so-lazy. I've been in a mad rush trying to finish this Holden shawl:

Since taking this picture it has grown several inches larger and substantially more annoying. I'm trying to get it finished in time to enter into a shawl contest... but the deadline is next week! Fingers crossed that I finish on time!

My zucchini died. Fortunately, some of my other seedlings made it and are doing amazing!

This spreading petunia is my pride and joy... only one seedling lived, and it developed into a mature plant!   Quite the accomplishment, considering my black thumb. Since this picture about two dozen more flowers bloomed... I am delighted.

And I thought I would share these... I am by no means a photographer and my camera is terrible (I now have my eye on THIS one...) but I thought these turned out fairly nice.

These grow all over the place here, and there are so many varieties!  

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