Sunday, April 22, 2012

The treasure trove that is thrift store shopping

What a hideous color assortment. I need to start working on some more cheerfully colored items.
Clockwiseish from left: Featherweight Wrap, Argyle Sock, Sunscape throw, corriedale, merino/silk, Cabled Tunic, Creature Comforts Cardigan, Peggy Sue Cardigan.

In other news, I found these gems for $4 a piece at Saver's the other day:
The blue one is 85%silk, 15% cashmere and yielded 1580 yards. I haven't gotten around to deconstructing the pink one yet, but I did overdye 450 yards of the silk/cashmere!
 I used Dylon Bahama Blue and Amazon Green, about 1/3 packet of each. I tried to kettle dye it by mixing up different ratios of green to blue in mason jars and using a turkey baster, but I think I started with too much water in the pot... next time, I won't put any water in the pot and just start with a soaking wet skein. The added water volume from the dye mixtures allowed too much mixing, I think. The skein still ended up quite pretty, though!
This will become a Holden Shawlette for my mom-in-law for Christmas this year. I'm trying to stay ahead of the game this year instead of waiting until December 1 to try and make a bazillion things.

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