Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swatching; And, the ego devastation continues

Knit, washed, and blocked my gauge swatches for my Peggy Sue (top) and Honeybee Cardigan (bottom), like a good girl. I have no idea when I'll actually start knitting either of them, but at least I have the gauge business out of the way.

I sat down hoping to make it to the heel of my argyle sock this afternoon and knit several rows at a cheerfully brisk pace only to find that I had dropped not one, but three stitches about eight rows prior. Great. This sock has been two steps forward, one enormous rocky stumble back the entire way through.And I'm not even done with one sock! I did make it past the heel row and will likely make some progress on the foot tonight, but I swear, one more major setback with this sock situation and I am swearing off socks for good.

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