Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anonymous Vampire FO

I needed a picture update.

Anonymous Vampire Shawl that I made for my swap partner for the Keep Me Warm Swap over at Craftster. Took almost .9 ball of Cascade Heritage in a color that I cannot remember, on size 5 needles. I actually did cram the entire thing onto straight needles, because I was too lazy to put my Caipirinha on a holder to use my interchangeable tips and cables. It was definitely a little cramped, but well worth the effort! I even mailed my package a little early, I was so proud of myself!

 The locally roasted coffee and hot chocolate sampler I sent, in addition to the mug rug I made. First, and potentially last quilting I will ever do. There are places where my sewn strips didn't line up quite right, and my sewing machine was laughing in my face trying to do the border. I used this tutorial from the Curious Quilter for the basics and this tutorial from SewHappyGeek for the pattern. Hers looks ever so lovely. I feel like I just missed the boat on selecting complimentary fabrics, but my partner seemed to like it, so I am pleased.

White chocolate chip brownies I made last week in a flurry of productivity. Mind you, I certainly do not need to be eating brownies.

And, for kicks and giggles, the only finished yarn I have spun. I have been dying to get back into spinning, but the thought of spinning enough yarn for a shawl or cardigan on a drop spindle makes  me want to kick myself in the face. I don't think I have the patience.

I do, however, have a few pounds (yes, pounds, as in multiples of 16 ounces) of fiber that needs to be spun. Oh, how I pine for this wheel!

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