Monday, November 21, 2011

The Anxiety of Craft Swaps

Worked on my project for the Tote Your Hoopla swap over at Craftster this evening... 
I'm starting to fret a little over my timing on this one: send-out deadline is December 3, and we're leaving town Tuesday for Thanksgiving to come back on Sunday. Then, we're moving to a new unit on Tuesday of the following week. I'm excited to be moved, not so excited about the actual moving. I'll have a dedicated craft/art space in the loft (that I don't have now), so that will be super nice! Back to the issue at hand, though... the move will take about 2 days (plus several hours to clean this current place) and that's precious time I could have to work on my bag! Yikes!

My weight loss crusade fizzled out pretty quickly. I signed up for a gym membership and a personal training package, only to completely lose momentum the second week. Not feeling too confident about this undertaking at the moment. Thirty pounds sounds like an awful lot.

In other news, I'm still working to use up stash supplies..... and I am stumped as to what to do with this monstrosity I picked up at a thrift store:
My first thought is that it should be a sweaterdress, maybe with a nice big cowl neck. It's a men's 2XL in some mystery fiber that I suspect to be a wool blend. Anyway, there's plenty of fabric to work with, so we shall see!

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