Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sparkly Socks

Long time no update! I told myself I needed to be in bed early tonight, but I couldn't resist updating when I dumped all of my recent photos off of my camera chip! Just a quickie tonight, though...

My Bettie's Lace Stockings, of which I have now completed one sock per pattern instructions:
I'm using Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour in Copper, which is the same yarn I used for my Dolman Top. I'm planning to write up a review on this yarn in the near future. As for the socks, well... as it would turn out, the socks stretch out rather unattractively over my larger-than-10"-circumference calf. I am debating if I should rip back to the heel and figure a way to incorporate some unobtrusive increases in the purl columns, or if I should finish the second  sock as per pattern instructions and set them aside for a while. I joined a gym and signed up for a personal training package, and the dear trainer has indicated that 30lbs to lose is not unreasonable. If I lose any girth in the calf area, the socks may be just fine. Dillemma!

In more fiber-related news, I managed to shear CoolWhip over the course of a couple of tense, messy hours.


After much debating and mulling over, we decided that we could not keep her. We recently downsized considerably, and have been keeping her in our living room because we didn't have appropriate housing to keep her on the patio. M is intensely allergic to her, so needless to say, our living situation was not ideal for any of us. She didn't have a designated play area, and M has gone through more Zyrtec in a few weeks than we had gone through in a year prior to moving here. I was brokenhearted to let her go, but she was adopted by a family who was really looking forward to having her. I'm sure she's in good hands... and I look forward to having bunnies again, when we eventually  move into a house with some space!

And last, but certainly not least, I FINALLY started my Master Handknitter Level 1 material. I've had the instructions since January of this year...... and just now started! Yeesh, how time does fly. 
 I'm hoping to have it completed and mailed before I leave for the holidays, but who knows! I have about a zillion things on my plate right now, who knows what I'll get finished and when? It's anybody's guess!

And now, to bed! I'm trying to get up early these days to head to the gym, but alas, unemployment and terminal laziness have really taken hold and I have difficulty getting my day started as early as I used to. Haha!

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