Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Table Upcycle

Just a filler post, really, as I have no pictures of my recently completed Dolman Top or Baby Doll Tank! I did, however, think to take a picture of my damask patterned table that I finished a few months ago:

I bought the table at a flea market for $15, sanded it down and repainted it. I had originally planned to mosaic the insets, but opted not to because the tile cutters I had at the time really killed my hands. The insets on both sides have the damask pattern, which I painted by hand after transferring the design with white transfer paper. The blue has a slightly metallic sheen to it that doesn't really show in the photos. The whole thing got a coat of diluted iridescent medium to keep the black from looking dull, and then was sealed with a couple of clear coats. Unfortunately, it got scratched during our recent move, so I'm going to have to retouch at some point. But, otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! 

At the moment I only have two projects on needles (which is quite unusual for me!) but I am working on some other things...... I spray painted the hamper I picked up for $6 at Saver's and M affixed it to my bike rack for me (seen below), and now I need to sew a new liner for it... it has one, but baby pink has never been my color. I'm also working on a super beginner dress pattern that I bought at JoAnn recently in a pretty pink floral linen and a few paintings, including one for my dear friend S.

Busy, busy, busy! I figure I might as well take advantage of my free time, because (hopefully) unemployment will not last forever!

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