Thursday, September 29, 2011

WIP Roundup

I never seem to keep up with these. My current WIP pile:

Clockwise, from left:
  • my Cabled Tunic, which I've been working on for ages and ages... this is the only project that was also pictured in my last WIP post! I really need to wrap this up!
  • one Argyle Sock, for which M constructed me this nice little lazykateish bobbin box for my yarn. I hate messes and was finding that using those loose bobbins was driving me nuts... and this works fairly well, even though I have to be very mindful of the direction I turn the box and how I wrap the yarn. Every other row the yarns twist, but as long as I keep track of what I'm doing, they go back to their correct positions in the next row. Definitely not mindless knitting!
  • Lace Cardi from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2011  (second to last item on the link), that I'm hoping to wrap up this week. Definitely not a heavy winter wear item, so I'm trying to get it done in time to wear it some during the fall. Not very fall-ish colors, but what can you do!
  • my Cabled Cowl from the Holiday 2009 Issue of VK. I just started this after I reverse engineered the pattern (I was too cheap to buy the back issue for the pattern :P) but I'm not sure I like how it's working up in this yarn. I might work a few more inches of the pattern just to see, but I may end up frogging it and just making a seed stitch cowl to show off the yarn. I love the colorway! Lovely rich jewel tones.
Not pictured is my Deep V Argyle Vest, which needs surgery in order for me to consider it wearable. In all honesty, I'm not in love with the colors anymore and I'm not sure it would be worth all the extra work! I may end up salvaging what yarn I can and throwing in the towel on that pattern. Sad face!

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