Monday, August 29, 2011

Cats 'n' Doodles

Biked to the Fair last weekend, and had a blast! Too bad I can't say the same for the ride... I don't see very well in the dark, and that, coupled with my unreasonable anxiety, let to quite a white knuckled ride home. I'm also quite out of shape, and a 7-mile ride is a distance...  the only reason I didn't call a cab to come pick me up halfway was because I would have been mortified in front of M, who is one of those "never give up!" kind of people. 

As my unemployment continues, I'm spending more and more time dedicated to crafts and the like. I opened a new deviantart account for my drawings/paintings/miscellaneous pieces, but I'm waiting to post until I have a small body to start with. I've completed one small painting with much larger piece about halfway finished. I spent some time this evening working on what will be my devID:

I've also been battling the cats over use of the chair.
Obviously, there is power in numbers.

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